About Us

BackTalk is a weekly podcast giving a dose of lighthearted banter about buzzworthy issues within the POC community, delivered specially by two badass magical black girls. 

BackTalk dishes on current events with humor and finesse in ways that only a black girl could. We have episodes weekly, oftentimes accompanied by a male guest to stir the pot and challenge our viewpoints in a tactful yet comical way. We also shine a spotlight on various musical acts, books, movies, shows or local talent that catch our eye every week.

Julia & Kayla are both in their mid 20s, socially aware and delightfully ratchet. As two women who are sometimes too unbothered for their own good, they occasionally open up their hearts and the "hot seat" to a brave male soul who dares to challenge their take on the given topics for the week.


BackTalk will be streaming on SoundCloud, GooglePlay, Apple Podcasts, & Stitcher.